HSE Person-centred Planning Framework Demonstration Project

The National Disability Authority supported the HSE to conduct research and develop a national framework for person-centred planning, under the Transforming Lives programme. The national framework is intended to inform and guide how person-centred planning is implemented across services for persons with a disability in Ireland. The framework sets out to give a clear picture of what good practice looks like and to support individuals, teams and organisations to identify areas for improvement.

To commence the implementation of the framework, the HSE has agreed a Demonstration Project with five provider organisations.  The five organisations participating in the implementation of the Person-Centred Planning Framework during 2019 will be evaluating their current model of person centred planning and its alignment with the Person-Centred Planning Framework.  The experience learned through this demonstration project will inform the development of strategy and planning for the wider roll out of the framework throughout the adult disability service sector.

Read the person-centred planning research reports.

The Person-Centred Planning Framework and further information are available on the HSE website.