NDA participating in Public Consultation On Childhood Disability and Child Protection in Ireland

The NDA will attend an online public consultation on Childhood Disability and Child Protection in Ireland on Thursday 3rd September 2020, organised by School of Social and Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin. The NDA notes that the online public consultation is open to all who have an interest in the subject.

Full details of the event, including how to book a place are available below.

Please note that the NDA has no role in organising the event or conducting the research.


Public Consultation on Childhood Disability and Child Protection in Ireland

The public consultation is for a research study entitled “Keeping Disabled Children Safe: An Exploration of What Works and What is Problematic in Child Protection Practice for Disabled Children.”

The consultation will be facilitated by Dr Susan Flynn and takes place online via internet on Thursday 3rd September 2020 from 6:30-7:10pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to ascertain important considerations for the design of the study as well as for the sharing of findings of the research.  Attendance is welcomed from any member of the public that may be able to share insight into the protection of children with disabilities, which may include parents of children with disabilities, adults with disabilities or disability advocates. Attendees are not expected to have any expertise with child protection practice. The research study including the consultation has been approved by relevant ethics committees at Trinity College Dublin the University of Dublin, and Tusla, the Child and Family Agency.

To book a place at the consultation simply email: sflynn7@tcd.ie