Research in Good Practice in the Employment of People with Disabilities in the Public Sector

In October 2015, the Government published the Comprehensive Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities 2015-2024, with a view to driving forward a range of actions to increase employment opportunities and employment levels for persons with disabilities. Under this Strategy, the National Disability Authority (NDA) committed to commissioning research and producing  this report  that:

  •  Identifies good practice regarding the employment of people with disabilities in the Irish public sector
  • How this good practice is achieved
  • If there are any innovative new models in place to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities

 While the extent of good practice identified by the researchers is limited, this report does provide information that employers may find helpful  to creating more inclusive work environments. Such environments both promote  and support the employment of people with disabilities and can assist employees feel comfortable in disclosing their disability status. NDA contracted RSM PACEC to conduct the research and set out their findings and recommendations.

It is expected that employers in the public sector will find this report useful when planning to meet the  new minimum statutory employment target for people with disabilities of 6% by 2024. The NDA has already discussed some of the key findings with relevant departments and agencies.

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