Strategic approaches to employing people with mental health issues

This paper is an NDA synthesis of the presentations that took place on 13th May 2011. The paper captures information on good practice approaches to support people with mental health issues to obtain and retain employment. It covers:

  • The Individual Placement with Support Programme used in the UK
  • The model used by Employability Service West Cork
  • Perspectives from the National Economic and Social Forum’s 2007 report on Mental Health and Social Inclusion

A short description of the Individual Placement with Support programme is outlined followed by the key learning from these different approaches.

This seminar featured the following presentations:

  1. Mental Health, Social Inclusion and the Workplace
    Dr. Jeanne Moore, Policy Analyst, National Economic Social Council
  2. New thinking about mental health and employment: What a whole system approach looks like?
    Dr. Rachel Perkins, OBE, Chair of Equality 2025 UK Cross Government Advisory Group on Disability Issues, Mind Champion of the Year 2010
  3. Employability West Cork: Implementation of the Individual Placement Support Model 
    Celine O'Donovan, Co-ordinator, Employability West Cork
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