NDA's submission to the next round of consultation on the BusConnects project

December 2019

In 2019, the National Disability Authority (NDA) made a submission to the next round of consultation on the BusConnects projects. The NDA  reviewed the Revised BusConnect Proposal. The key objectives of the Bus Connects project are to reduce traffic congestion in Dublin by encouraging people to use public transport especially buses. This project proposes to encourage more people to use buses by redesigning the physical infrastructure of the Dublin bus network, so that more people can get to more places in less time. In this submission, the NDA continued to advise the National Transport Authority (NTA) regarding the steps it could take to ensure that the BusConnects project develops and delivers integrated  universally designed public transport services that are easy to access, easy to understand and easy to use for everyone regardless of age, size, ability and disability. The NDA also advised the NTA that  providing integrated universally designed public transport services would help BusConnects to achieve its objectives of reducing traffic congestion and encouraging more people to use buses and trains.

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