Staff Forms for collection of data

A suite of forms for collection of data.

Form S1 enables a public body which has not done so to conduct a baseline census to ascertain how many staff have a disability. Once a baseline census has been done, in subsequent years the data can be updated through tracking staff who are recruited (Form S2) or who leave, and any change in the disability status of current staff (Form S3).

General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR)

A new European Union-wide framework known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across the EU on 25 May 2018. GDPR imposes obligations on companies that control or process personal data. These forms are in compliance with GDPR.

The data gathered through these forms is to enable organisations as public service employers to meet their legal obligation under the Disability Act 2005, in compliance with GDPR, to report each year on the number and percentage of employees with disabilities. To do so, organisations must build an accurate record of the number of staff with disabilities . The information on disability status recorded on these forms will be used anonymously only for the purposes of statistical monitoring of the achievement of the statutory target. This information cannot be used for any other purpose.

It should only be used for statistical purposes, without names, to report on how many people with disabilities are employed in the organisation. It should not be part of the employee’s main personnel file. This information should only be kept until the employee leaves the employment, or notifies the employer of a change in their disability status. The employee can ask to change the information on these forms at any time if they believe it is no longer accurate.

The information in these forms should be stored securely and confidentially. Only staff authorised for this purpose should have access to this information.

(The data received by NDA from government departments and public bodies  is anonymised and used for statistical purposes only to report annually to the Minister for Justice and Equality on compliance with Part 5 of the Disability Act 2005)

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