Review of the implementation of regulations and inspections in residential services for adults and children with disabilities

The National Disability Authority was asked by Kathleen Lynch T.D. Minister of State for Primary Care, Mental Health and Disability to conduct an independent review of the process for the implementation of regulations and standards in residential services for adults and children with disabilities.

The National Disability Authority completed this review over the course of a year and provided a report of its findings to the Minister in December 2015.

The purpose of the review was to capture the experience, impact, learning and good practice identified as part of the HIQA inspection process. This involved analysis of written reports, along with interviews with residents, disability staff and managers, HIQA, HSE and disability organisations. Key findings included:

  • All participants interviewed welcomed and recognised the need for regulation and inspection in the disability residential sector
  • Residents want more information about HIQA and the inspection process
  • Residents want to talk to HIQA inspectors during inspections
  • Residents want to have an input into the changes that happen in their home following a HIQA inspection
  • Designated centres inspected by HIQA are peoples’ homes and should not be made to feel like institutions
  • Higher levels of non-compliance were found in larger centres – those catering for 10 or more residents
  • Health and safety and risk management was the area most frequently judged as non compliant at either major or moderate level

Read the NDA policy Advice on Review of HIQA

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