The Dynamics of Disability and Social Inclusion


This research study conducted by the ESRI, examined how onset of a disability or chronic illness affected different aspects of social inclusion. When the impact of other factors such as age, gender or education level were factored out, onset of a disability

  • reduced the probability of being in work, by 20 percentage points
  • increased the probability of being at risk of poverty by 7 percentage points
  • reduced household income by 15%

The research was based on data for a group of 2,700 adults who participated in the Living in Ireland Survey in each year from 1995 to 2001. The findings also showed that people who had a chronic illness or disability throughout the seven years of the surveys had an employment rate, when corrected for other factors, that was over 40 percentage points lower than others.

The research was jointly funded by the National Disability Authority and the Equality Authority.