Authority Members

The composition of the Authority (i.e. the board) is guided by the requirements of the National Disability Authority Act 1999, as amended by the Disability Act 2005. The Authority is appointed by the Minister for Justice and Equality and comprises a Chairperson and 12 Ordinary members.  The current board was appointed on in August 2018 and the 4 year term runs until 20 August 2022.  Membership is as follows:

      • Ms. Helen Guinan (Chairperson)
      • Mr Brian Callanan
      • Ms Niamh Fawl
      • Ms Aisling Glynn
      • Mr Damian Gordon
      • Ms. Martha Griffin
      • Mr Jack Kavanagh
      • Ms. Ruthann La Malfa
      • Ms. Teresa McDonnell
      • Dr Cathal Morgan
      • Ms. Deirdre O'Connor
      • Ms. Kathryn O’Donoghue
      • Mr Deaglán Ó Briain

Authority Secretary: Suzanne Lambe