Measuring impact

The National Disability Authority will provide advice, information and guidance with the aim of achieving tangible improvements in the lives of people with disabilities.

Through its work on Universal Design, the National Disability Authority will promote the design of environments, products, services, and information and communications technology towards enhancing people's lives, and enabling people, regardless of age, size or disability, to access places, and mainstream products and services without the need for specialist adaptations.

The National Disability Authority will monitor the success of this Strategic Plan in a number of ways, including

  • Regular review of the achievement of the key performance indicators outlined under each strategic priority
  • Response to key opportunities as they arise over the period of the plan
  • Annual workplans and their regular review, to include impact indicators where appropriate
  • Quarterly meetings with the Disability Policy Department in the Department of Justice and Equality
  • Regular engagement with our stakeholders, including people with disabilities and their representative groups
  • Regular engagement with universal design stakeholders, including organisations representing people in different age groups