Strategic Priority 4

Effective and efficient organisation

To develop an environment, supports, policies and systems to enable the National Disability Authority to effectively deliver on its strategic objectives.

To continue to deliver a high quality output, and to ensure the priorities and objectives are delivered, will require efficient and effective organisational processes and systems that are consistently applied. In this regard, this priority will focus on enhancing processes to complement and reflect available human and financial resources, to lead to greater efficiencies and a high performing organisation. Leadership will be key in driving the continued achievement of objectives within the challenging external environment and fostering a culture of flexibility, innovation and ingenuity. This will include alternative ways of working, collaboration and partnerships with other organisations. The National Disability Authority's Partnership Committee will continue to be an important resource supporting the management of change. This priority sets out how the National Disability Authority will manage, support, develop and enhance its organisational resources (i.e. Staff, finances, IT, communications, library, etc.) and continue to promote a learning culture to deliver effectively and efficiently on this strategic plan.

Objective 1

To ensure effective and efficient organisational systems and communications that support staff to deliver organisational objectives to a high performance standard

Key performance indicators

  • Systems reviewed and enhanced as required (e.g finance, Performance Management and Development System)
  • Internal communication in line with communication strategy

Objective 2

To ensure effective external communications

Key performance indicators

  • Accessible and user-friendly website with regularly updated information and publications
  • Development of effective dissemination strategy for National Disability Authority outputs
  • Newsletter distributed quarterly to all relevant stakeholders

Objective 3

To maintain a library of resources to guide disability and universal design research and policy

Key performance indicators

  • Maintain the library to support strategic areas of focus
  • Enhance NDA on-line resources

Objective 4

To effectively implement the Human Resources Strategy, and complementary policies, to support staff in delivering on the strategic plan and annual work programmes of the National Disability Authority, and nurture a positive work culture

Key performance indicators

  • Performance Management and Development System updated in line with public sector and good practice.
  • Effective implementation of the Performance Management and Development System
  • Comprehensive annual training plan developed and delivered
  • Human Resources Strategy developed, and implemented
  • Human resources policies reviewed and updated as required
  • Effective reasonable accommodation policies and supports for staff implemented, where appropriate, promoting the National Disability Authority as a best practice employer

Objective 5

To ensure the effective delivery of statutory and regulatory responsibilities including those in the Disability Act 2005 and Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies.

Key performance indicators

  • Effective compliance with requirements under Part 3 and Part 5 of the Disability Act 2005 fulfilled
  • Adherence to financial and governance requirements, including audit of financial statements and corresponding activity
  • Health and safety processes, systems and practices updated and implemented where appropriate
  • Implementation of an agreed effective organisational performance framework with Department of Justice and Equality