Consultation on Future Data and Management Information requirements of the Disability Sector

The National Disability Authority is working in partnership with the HSE on identifying the management information requirements for the disability services of the future. The lack of consistent information systems was identified by the Value for Money and Policy Review of Disability Services (VFM) as a major challenge.

We have commissioned Professor Roy McConkey to work on identifying the information requirements for managing disability services and to undertake a consultation programme in that regard. Your views will help input into that process.

This work is being done in partnership with Working Group 5 of the VFM implementation programme – the briefing paper Towards a National Disability Information System from this group summarises key questions and issues to be considered.  

Two background paper have also been developed. The material in the background papers is summarised in the briefing paper Towards a National Disability Information System but the background papers contain more detail.

Background Paper 1 

Background Paper 2

The information that you provide to Professor McConkey will be treated confidentially and no one will be identified in any reports.

Alternatively you could type your response in the summary paper itself (the boxes can be expanded to accommodate your text by clicking on the box and dragging down the bottom line to enlarge the box.) Save and email the file to: