Invitation to tender for the provision of Easy to Read materials

Section 28 of the Disability Act 2005 requires public bodies, insofar as practicable, to ensure that information they publish which has information relevant to people with intellectual disabilities, is in clear language they could easily understand.

The NDA will from time to time wish to prepare Easy to Read versions of particular publications where they are relevant to people with intellectual disabilities. The NDA also from time to time engages in consultations with people with intellectual disabilities, and will wish to have Easy to Read materials for use in such consultations, and will also wish to feed back the findings of such consultations to participants in a form they can readily understand.

By ‘Easy to Read’ is meant brief and very simplified text with accompanying easy to follow illustrations, which convey the essence of what is involved.

The NDA is seeking supplier(s) who have the capacity to deliver such materials when required – this will be a framework contract for services.

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