Exploring the research and policy gaps

20th February 2007

The National Disability Authority commissioned this review of literature on women and disability in order to explore where gender issues and disability issues intersect - where the issues for disabled women are significantly different because of their gender or the issues for women are significantly different because of their disability. The purpose of the research was to synthesise and summarise the state of knowledge in this area both in Ireland and internationally.

The following topics were considered in the review:

  • the developing 'visibility' of disability, women and gender as a topic in the theoretical and research literature;
  • social welfare status of women with disabilities;
  • women, disability and poverty;
  • the labour market attachment of women with disabilities, exploring their participation in the labour force, income levels, work facilitation and assistance and how this impacts on their experience as women with disabilities;
  • issues for disabled women around personal assistance, examining economic and social issues associated with care and how these affect women's experience of disability;
  • the relationship between disability and sexuality and reproductive freedoms and how this impacts on women's gender and disability identity and their human rights;
  • communication difficulties of women with disabilities.
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