NDA Survey on key areas of the lives of people with disabilities 2013

This survey was commissioned to examine outcomes for people with disabilities in aspects of their environment and daily lives like transport, the local environment, and use of technology. It is part of a series of periodic surveys to identify what progress is being made over time. The 2013 survey follows similar surveys in 2011 and 2009 which asked the same core questions. The survey used a random sample of the population as a whole, plus a top-up sample of households with a family member with a disability. This was to look at comparisons between outcomes for people with disabilities and others. The following is a summary of key findings from survey 2013.

  •  There is an increased tendency for people with disabilities to travel as  car passengers rather than drive themselves
  • People with disabilities are more likely to use public/social transport than previously.
  • More people with disabilities are experiencing difficulty in using footpaths than previously.
  • People with disabilities can access more community facilities without having to use steps than previously.
  • People with disabilities are as likely as people without disabilities to have contact with people in their community and to get together with friends and relatives.
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