Monitoring Report EU WAD Ireland 2021

The National Disability Authority (NDA) completed Ireland’s first monitoring report under the EU Web Accessibility Directive in December 2021.

The report describes the methodology and approach established by the NDA to monitor websites and mobile apps and the results from reviews conducted.  The 50 websites chosen for a Simplified Review plus the 5 websites and 2 mobile apps chosen for an In-Depth Review were based on results of a survey circulated to Disabled Persons Organisations, and other stakeholders, in August 2021.

No website or mobile app reviewed complies fully with the standard required under the Directive, WCAG 2.1AA.  In-Depth Reviews tested a range of pages for all requirements of the standard. The Simplified Reviews automatically tested over 40,000 pages against a subset of the standard.  Key issues include: inaccessible PDFs; poor colour contrast; incorrectly coded search boxes, forms and other interactive elements.  Many issues such as colour contrast are contained in the website template design resulting in the detection of a very large number of issues that will be relatively easy to fix.

The NDA provides a range of guidance on web and mobile app accessibility and we will continue to work with the public sector to build its capacity, in the coming year, to ensure improved compliance with the Directive.

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