Local Area Coordination: NDA Briefing paper

Local Area Coordination (LAC) draws on the strengths, skills and abilities of local individuals, families and communities. A Local Area Co-ordinator works with 50-60 individuals, their families and community, bringing together a range of roles into a single point of contact. The co-ordinator builds relationships with organisations and services and gets to know the strengths, skills and resources in the area. Support is built around existing strengths, ability and capacity in the individual, family and local community.

Evaluations of LAC programmes have demonstrated positive outcomes including:
• increased community and family capacity;
• increased supportive relationships/circles of support;
• reduced demand for services, improved access to relevant and timely information and cost savings

Read the NDA briefing paper on Local Area Coordination below.

NDA Local Area Coordination Briefing paper (Word format).docx (size 133.5 KB)

NDA Local Area Coordination Briefing paper (PDF format).pdf (size 395 KB)