Guidance to public bodies on how to count the number of their staff with disabilities

Guidance to public bodies

  • How to do a count of staff with a disability
  • Forms for counting no. of staff with a disability
  • Statutory report forms for public bodies
  • Statutory report forms for Monitoring Committees

There is a legal obligation on public bodies to report every year on the number of staff with disabilities that they employ. To guide public bodies on this task, the National Disability Authority has developed a suite of forms for collection of data, a set of statutory forms for return of the data; and guidance for public bodies and their staffs on what is involved. Form S1 enables a public body which has not done so to conduct a baseline census to ascertain how many staff have a disability. Once a baseline census has been done, in subsequent years the data can be updated through tracking staff who are recruited (form S2) or who leave, and any change in the disability status of current staff (form S3).

These forms are designed to be accessible for visually impaired staff members who use JAWS or other screen reader technology. If you or your staff have any difficulties with the forms or require them in different formats, please let us know.

Other formats are available on request.