Vocational Rehabilitation Policy Paper & Consultation

1. NDA policy advice on vocational rehabilitation provision in Ireland

2. Consultation on experiences of support for return to work among people with acquired disabilities or conditions

Vocational rehabilitation is the process that enables individuals to overcome the barriers they face when accessing, remaining or returning to work following injury, illness or impairment. The policy advice paper is based on a review of evidence and identifies the gaps that exist in the Irish system and provides advice on the development of a pathway to retaining employment or returning to work for those who have acquired a disability or long-term health condition during their working life. The policy advice paper was originally published in draft format in 2020, pending a consultation with persons with acquired disabilities or conditions. Findings from this consultation have been incorporated into the final advice paper and a more detailed report on this consultation is also available.

The consultation with people with acquired disabilities or conditions took place in the first half of 2021 and involved an online survey of 115 people followed by six case study interviews. The findings from this consultation reinforce the argument that there needs to be a coherent national programme of vocational rehabilitation in place in Ireland.

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