The Tizard Centre

The Tizard Centre is one of the leading academic groups in the UK working in learning disability and community care.

The Centre's primary aims are, through our research, teaching and consultancy, to:

  • Find out more about how to support and work with people effectively
  • Help carers, managers and professionals develop the values, knowledge and skills that enable better services
  • Help policy-makers, planners, managers and practitioners organise and provide better services

The Centre provides teaching through short courses, certificate, diploma and degree programmes at the University of Kent and elsewhere. It also maintains an extensive programme of research and consultancy, nationally and internationally. In all our work we are committed to acknowledging diversity and addressing issues arising from social inequality. We seek to align ourselves with service users and to reduce the disadvantage and discrimination they experience. We support user empowerment and the development of services that are responsive to user need. We seek to achieve our mission without further disadvantaging carers and service staff whom, we recognise, are often themselves relatively powerless and disadvantaged.

The Authors

Professor Jim Mansell holds a Chair in the Applied Psychology of Learning Disability and is Director of the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent. Dr Julie Beadle-Brown is Senior Lecturer in Learning Disability in the Centre.


This research was commissioned by the National Disability Authority of the Republic of Ireland. The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution made by Lisa Richardson, Research Assistant, to data collection and analysis for this review.


The authors of this publication assert their moral rights in accordance with the provisions of Section 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988.

This report should be cited as Mansell J and Beadle-Brown J (2008) Dispersed or clustered housing for disabled adults: a systematic review. Canterbury: Tizard Centre.

Copies of the report are available from the National Disability Authority, 25 Clyde Road, Dublin 4, Ireland.
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