NDA Independent Assessment of Implementation of the National Disability Inclusion Strategy for 2021

This report is the fourth independent assessment prepared by National Disability Authority (NDA) since the National Disability Inclusion Strategy 2017-21 (NDIS) was launched in July 2017. In 2021, the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth announced that the NDIS 2017-2021 would be extended for an additional year.


Significant areas of focus for the year included the progression of several important pieces of legislation, the submission by the State of its first report under the UNCRPD, and the development of various significant reports, including on the EU Web Accessibility Directive, the Irish Sign Language Act and decongregation. Areas where implementation encountered challenges included protection of liberty safeguards, Personalised Budgets demonstration projects, the Comprehensive Employment Strategy third action plan, and the evaluation of Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People. The NDA also set out suggested priorities for 2022, the first being the development of a UNCRPD Implementation Strategy to succeed the NDIS 2017-2022.


The NDA’s assessment does not provide a detailed analysis of each of the 125 actions within the revised NDIS but instead focuses on broader areas or themes, drawing on actions relevant to those themes and highlighting areas where further focus and commitment may be required.


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