NDA Independent Assessment of Progress under National Disability Inclusion Strategy

The National Disability Inclusion Strategy 2017-2021 (NDIS) is a whole-of-government approach to improving the lives of persons with disabilities. The NDA works to support implementation of the strategy and also independently monitors and evaluates progress over the lifetime of the Strategy. This report is the first independent assessment prepared by NDA since the NDIS was launched, and spans the period July 2017 to end December 2018.

The report offers a summary of some key highlights for the first 18 months of the Strategy’s implementation, and includes a more detailed analysis of progress under the 8 thematic priorities within the NDIS. The assessment is informed by a review of the departmental reports to the NDIS Steering Group, of which the NDA is a member, as well as NDA’s knowledge on other relevant policies and programmes concerning disability. The NDA acknowledges the commitment across government departments and agencies to the NDIS so far, and looks forward to continued implementation and focus on specific actions in the year ahead.

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