Staff and Change Management Report

Staff and Change Management: Good Practice in the Transition to Community Residential Disability Services.

The transition of persons with disabilities living in congregated settings to smaller homes in the community is ongoing as part of the Time to Move on from Congregated Settings policy. Research internationally and in Ireland has largely focused on the experiences and outcomes for residents. The aim of this research was to focus on the experiences of staff and managers, recognising the very important role they play in supporting persons with disabilities in residential settings to live a life of their choosing.

This study identifies and documents effective practice in change management processes relating to the transition of staff from working in congregated settings to working in the community. The purpose was to share learning with staff and managers currently or about to transition to the community, with a role to support individuals with disabilities, to achieve a successful transition for all.

Note: The Easy to Read Summary of this report (below) has a different title to the main report once opened. This is so it is easier to understand.

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