Participation Matters: Guidelines on implementing the obligation to meaningfully engage with disabled people in public decision making

These guidelines are a practical resource to support public officials at national and local level to meaningfully consult with and actively involve disabled people and their representative organisations in policy development and other decision making processes to meet obligations set out under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

These guidelines support officials to take a universal design approach to all public consultation and participation processes so that disabled people can participate on an equal basis with others. They may also be useful to other organisations who wish to consult with disabled people.

This guidance is an update to the NDA’s 2002 publication “Ask Me: Guidelines for Effective Consultation with People with Disabilities.”

ISL Report Summary: Introduction 

ISL Report Summary: Section One - Quick Guides 

ISL Report Summary: Section Two - Stakeholder Engagement 

ISL Report Summary: Section Three - Participation in Practice 

ISL Report Summary: Section Four - Good Practice for Inclusion of Disabled People 

ISL Report Summary: Appendix 

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