Appendix A: Information on the NDA's Public Consultation with Stakeholders

The National Disability Authority (NDA)

The NDA is the national independent statutory body established to advise the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform on policy and practice relating to people with disabilities. NDA's statutory mandate on policy advice, research, standards and universal design addresses the inclusion of people with disabilities in the economic, social and cultural life of the community.

The NDA have commissioned an independent research agency, Weafer Research Associates, to undertake this consultation on their behalf. All of the information will be treated in the strictest confidence and individual details or comments will never be disclosed to anyone.

The Consultation Process

The purpose of NDA's consultation is to hear and document the views of different people, men and women of different age groups and from different parts of the country. This will take place by means of small discussion groups, called Focus Groups, where up to eight people similar to yourself will be invited to give your views. Groups will be made up of people with disabilities; others with family members; advocates; and people who work with and care for people with disabilities (see enclosed letter for details of the Focus Group you have been invited to attend).

The Focus Group will have two parts to it, lasting no longer than 2 hours with a short break.

Part 1 - NDA wants to hear your views that will help inform NDA policy on key issues like Independent Living; what helps or hinders people in participating in the every day life of the community.

Part 2 - the Department of Health and Children are doing a policy and value for money review of disability services and have a few ideas about different ways of providing services. They would like to hear your views on these ideas -

  • Of having more say in what supports you get and who provides these supports
  • Of being able to choose your own doctor (GP) and being supported to do that
  • Of being able to use the same transport and housing as everyone else does and being supported to do that

Consent Form

A consent form is enclosed and we would like you read it and if you are happy to participate in the group, sign it and bring it with you to the focus group.

The Outcome of the Consultation

Two reports will be prepared by the project leader.

Copies of the reports will be placed on the NDA website www.nda.Ie, probably in July 2010.

You will not be contacted by the NDA or the project leader following the group but if you have concerns or questions, please make contact at one of the following numbers.


If you have any additional questions, please contact

Project Leader: John A. Weafer

Mobile 087-686 2985

Email jaweafer@indigo.Ie

NDA: Donie O'Shea

Tel (01) 608 0400

Email dposhea@nda.Ie


This leaflet tells you about the things you need to know about the National Disability Authority's consultation meetings

What is the National Disability Authority(NDA)?

  • The NDA was set up in 2000
  • The NDA works with the government and public bodies
  • We also work with others
  • We try to make sure that life improves for people with disabilities

This is the work NDA does

Research = finding out more

Policy = having a plan

Standards = making services better

Universal Design = telling people how to design places and things that everyone can use

Who are we asking?

The NDA has invited different people to different meetings

  • People like yourself will be going to the meeting you will be at
  • Other people, like parents or people who care or work for people with disabilities will go to other meetings

How Will NDA Find Out What I Think?

  • Each meeting will have about 7 other people like yourself at it
  • The NDA has asked and are paying a person to run these meetings. That person's name is John Weafer
  • John will ask everyone a few questions
  • John will use a tape recorder, but don't worry, no will know who said what
  • Each meeting will last about an hour and a halfWhat Kind of Questions Will I Be Asked By the NDA?

The NDA wants to hear your views on important things like

Where do you want to live?

Who would you like to live with?

What are the things you would like to do everyday with others?

What would help you go to places like the shops and the cinema?

What kind of Questions will I be asked by the Department of Health and Children?

The NDA is also helping the Department of Health and Children.

They have a few ideas about different ways of giving you services you may need.

They would like to know what you think about their ideas like

  • Having a say on what help you need and who gives that help
  • Choosing your own doctor
  • Being able to use the same transport everyone else does
  • Living in a house like everyone else does
  • Getting the help you need to do these things

Remember you will not be asked to talk about anything that you think is too personal

How Will The Things I Say Be Kept Private?

  • All the answers you give to the questions will be kept private
  • Anything you say or any information about you will not have your name on it
  • All the information will be stored privately at the NDA and destroyed after three years

Remember - anything you say will not affect the service you or your family gets

Do I Have To Take Part?

If you are one of the people asked to take part it is up to you to decide if you want to be involved.

  • You need to sign a form saying that you agree to be involvedThis is called a consent form.

Make sure you read it first.

  • You can decide to stop taking part at any time without giving a reason.

Remember if you decide to take part in the meeting or choose not to take part, your service will not be affected.

What If I Need Help To Take Part?

  • You need to tell us the best way for you to have your say.
  • If you need help or support at the meetings you can bring someone you trust with you.
  • This could be someone from your service, a family member or a support worker.
  • Or if you are deaf and want a signer let us know and we can get someone.

What Will Happen When It is Over?

  • The information you give is very important to the NDA and will help us let the government know about what is important for you
  • When all the information is collected two reports will be written
  • One report will be about what NDA learned from the consultation about independent living and being part of the community
  • The reports will be put on the NDA website

Where Can I Find Out More?

If you want to find out more about NDA's consultation meetings you can

  • Talk to the person who has asked you to take part


  • Phone the Project Leader John Weafer (01) 601 4092


  • Contact Donie O'Shea at the NDA (01) 608 0400

25 Clyde Road 
Dublin 4

Phone/Minicom: (01) 608 0400

Email: info@nda.Ie

Website : www.nda.Ie