Identifying the care support needs of children with disabilities (2012)

This report is the output of research conducted by the NDA in 2012 on a number of tools used to assess and identify the care support needs of children with disabilities. This research was conducted within the context of a review of the Domiciliary Care Allowance underway at that time. The purpose of the research was to

  • To identify standardised assessment tools that might be useful in evaluating the care needs of children with disabilities across a range of age groups and disabilities within the context of entitlement to the Domiciliary Care Allowance.

  • To briefly describe standardised tools for assessing care needs including their strengths and weaknesses

  • To summarise and compare alternative instruments

While there is no universally agreed tool for assessing the care and support needs of individuals there is consensus about attributes that a standardised assessment tool should have. Children have differing abilities at different ages so the definition of special health care needs selected must take these factors into account. That is why tools are developed specifically for child populations. The NDA research findings were used to inform the Department of Social Protection review of DCA processes in 2012.

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