Commit to providing accessible services

GymNaasState your commitment to providing accessible services. Do this in a document such as your:

  • Customer Action Plan
  • Customer Charter
  • Equality Policy
  • Equal Status Policy for Customers.

Your commitment should cover customer services, buildings, and information. Make sure that senior managers endorse your commitment and name the staff members who are responsible for putting that commitment into practice. Put that document in your building where your customers will see it. Put it on your website too.

Make sure that your Customer Charter or service statement tells your customers:

  • What level of customer service they can expect
  • How to tell you if they don’t get that level of customer service.

Make sure that you have a procedure for:

  • Collecting customer feedback (maybe through comment cards, customer surveys, or a log of customer feedback)
  • Including customer feedback in management meeting agendas
  • Specifying:
    • what to do about each problem that your customers report
    • Who will be responsible for solving it.
Tips for committing to providing accessible services
  • State your commitment to providing accessible services.
  • Tell your customers what level of customer service to expect.
  • Collect feedback from your customers.

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