Assistive Technology Usage and Unmet Need amongst People with Disabilities in Ireland

The study involved analysis of the data on Assistive Technology from the National Disability Survey (NDS) conducted by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in 2006.  'Assistive Technologies' (AT) are practical tools that can support functional needs of people who experience difficulties linked to disability or ageing. The International Standards Organisation (ISO)  defines AT ('Assistive Products') as: "Any product (including devices, equipment, instruments and software), especially produced or generally available, used by or for persons with disability: for participation; to protect, support, train, measure or substitute for body functions/structures and activities; or to prevent impairments, activity limitations or participation restrictions." The NDS did not use the term 'assistive technology' but the survey questionnaire included many items of AT in the lists of 'aids' for the person's disability.

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