The NDA has produced a range of toolkits to offer guidance on best-practice approaches in a variety of areas including accessibility, communications and procurement. This is in keeping with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to maximise both independence and opportunities in a range of sectors.

The toolkits endeavour to support organisations in their efforts to be more inclusive, thus facilitating disabled people to fully participate in daily life. We plan on updating these toolkits soon.

Customer Communications Toolkit for Services to the Public - A Universal Design Approach

This Toolkit has guidance to inform the design and procurement of customer communications across the Public Service. The Toolkit is based on a Universal Design approach.

This toolkit is hosted on our Centre for Excellence in Universal Design website.

Accessibility Toolkit

The Accessibility Toolkit will help you to make your services, buildings, information, and websites more accessible to customers with disabilities.

We are updating this document to provide top tips to create an Equitable Diverse and Inclusive (EDI) work culture using a Universal Design Approach.

IT Procurement Toolkit

This toolkit offers guidance on procurement of ICT products and services. It is primarily aimed at Public Service Bodies; however, it may be of use to anyone who wishes to purchase accessible hardware or software.

We are updating this toolkit and it will be incorporated into our accessibility toolkit.

The toolkit is hosted on our Centre for Excellence in Universal Design website.