NDA/ICS Web Accessibility Directive Webinars

We joined with the Irish Computer Society (ICS) to develop and present a series of webinars to raise awareness and to help public bodies make their website and mobile applications more accessible.

The Web Accessibility Directive Training Webinar Series 2023 includes two sessions:

  • Session 1: Universal Design and involving users
  • Session 2: Accessibility InDesign training

The Web Accessibility Directive Training Webinar Series 2022 includes four sessions:

  • Session 1: Accessibility: The right choice - Inclusion, universal design and accessibility in online public services
  • Session 2: How to Create Accessible Documents and Presentations
  • Session 3: Accessibility Testing in Mobile Apps
  • Session 4: Organisational factors to improve accessibility

The Web Accessibility Directive Training Webinar Series 2021 includes six sessions:

  • Session 1: An Introduction to the EU Web Accessibility Directive
  • Session 2: An introduction to the Web Accessibility Directive in practise
  • Session 3: Reviewing your website compliance
  • Session 4: Creating accessible digital content
  • Session 5: Understanding Accessibility Evaluations and Testing Results
  • Session 6: Accessibility for Copywriters

Where Can I Find More Information?

The NDA’s Centre for Excellence in Universal Design provides the following guidance on the accessibility and Universal Design of websites and mobile apps: