Housing and the UNCRPD

Under Article 19 (Living independently and being included in the community) and Article 28 (Adequate standard of living and social protection) of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) Ireland has certain responsibilities in relation to housing.

We are working with partners in Government and with disability organisations to help bring about the change that is required. The National Housing Strategy for Disabled People (2022-2027) will be the main driver of change.

Article 19 requires that Ireland delivers on the rights of persons with disabilities to “live in the community with choices equal to others” and to “have the opportunity to choose their place of residence and where and with whom they live”. This is at the heart of the policy of decongregation (Time to Move on from Congregated Settings - a Strategy for Community Inclusion) being progressed by the HSE, but is also relevant to persons with disabilities in the community who wish, for example, to move out of the family home.

Article 28 requires the State to deliver on the right to “adequate housing” and to “ensure access by persons with disabilities to public housing programmes”.

We developed a series of in-depth papers on individual UNCRPD Articles. These papers detail the main data available relevant to specific Articles and provide an overview of key policies, programmes, services, supports and data that exist in the Irish context. Our paper on Article 19 (not yet published) outlines the main policies, programmes, services, supports and data available related to living independently and being included in the community. We also plan to develop a paper on Article 28 soon.

Series of Papers on Individual UNCRPD Articles

Housing Guidance

We developed guidance for local authority housing officers on assisting people with autism.

Social Housing and People with Mental Health Difficulties

People with mental health difficulties are more vulnerable to homelessness. This paper examines the housing supports available for people with mental health difficulties and related relevant approaches, legislation and policies.

Safe Evacuation for all

Read our guidance and checklists relating to Safe Evacuation

Access Handbook Template

This template has been designed to allow managers to design an access handbook for their organisation. It lists and explains the features and facilities of a building, which must be maintained and/or improved in order to ensure access for everyone.

Guidelines for access auditing of the built environment

This guide offers best practice advice on how to carry out an access audit.


We make various submissions on housing and environment matters relating to disabled people.