NDA Monitoring Activity and UNCRPD

Accessible products, service information, transport, access to the built environment and cultural, sporting and leisure activities all feature throughout the United Nations Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Article 9 is completely dedicated to accessibility.

Our monitoring activities and our work to assess the implementation of national strategies contribute to the effective implementation of the UNCRPD in Ireland. They allow us to advise the Minister on the compliance of public bodies in regard to their obligations under the Disability Act 2005, associated Codes of Practice and other relevant legislation and regulations.

Monitoring can provide public bodies with acknowledgement that they have fulfilled their obligations. It can provide public bodies with useful information which identifies gaps in their services and areas where obligations are not met and need to be improved.

We also work to provide guidance and advice for public bodies so that they can continuously improve their services.

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