Transport and the UNCRPD

Article 9 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that in order for persons with disabilities to live independently and fully participate in all aspects of life, they need to have access not only to accessible transportation but also to infrastructure, the built environment, information and communication processes and technologies and to other public facilities and services. Article 20 is specifically concerned with Personal Mobility and seeks to ensure the greatest possible independence for persons with disabilities.

At the NDA we undertake research, engages in consultation, and holds seminars and workshops to underpin policy advice on transport and guidance on accessibility of transport. We promote cross-agency co-operation, coupled with the effective use of resources, to ensure that different stages of a passenger’s journey, and the environment at any points of interchange, are fully accessible so that people with disabilities can make seamless journeys to their destination in keeping with the aims of the UNCRPD.