How the National Disability Authority Works

At the NDA, we carry out our work in a variety of ways:

  • We carry out or commission research looking at good practice in disability policy and practice, both in Ireland and internationally
  • We use this research to underpin the advice we give to Government through formal written advice papers, submissions to consultations and through our participation in working groups and committees
  • We develop practical guidance to support the full inclusion of disabled people in our communities, schools and work-places
  • We develop Codes of Practice to demonstrate good practice in recognising the rights of disabled people. We also have a duty to monitor and report on the performance of the public sector in relation to these Codes
  • We host and facilitate meetings between different stakeholders so that issues and potential solutions can be discussed with input from all parties. Discussions with Disabled Persons Organisations and other disabled people brings the lived experience to our advice
  • We organise seminars and conferences to share knowledge and good practice in relation to disability and Universal Design
  • We analyse data and produce statistics on the experiences of disabled people in comparison to those without disabilities. We encourage and advise other public bodies on how to gather and use data about the people with disabilities who use their services