NDA policy advice paper on HIQA study 26th February 2016

Policy advice based on the National Disability Authority’s report on the review of HIQA inspections of residential services for adults and children with disabilities

Following the publication of the National Disability Authority’s review of the regulation and inspection of residential services for adults and children with disabilities, the National Disability Authority developed policy advice in 2016, with a view to:

  • Guiding improvements in the HIQA process of inspections of residential services for adults and children with disabilities
  • Reviewing current legislation and regulations to have a more robust and effective regulatory system aligned with national policy and standards that maximises the opportunities for people with disabilities to “live ordinary lives in ordinary places” of their choosing
  • Bringing about the changes in leadership, culture and practice that transforms residential service delivery and is essential to upholding and facilitating individuals with disabilities to exercise their human rights
  • Informing a better coordinated and coherent approach to providing quality residential services for children and adults with disabilities

This advice paper provides a positive contribution to the changes and transformation of disability residential services that are underway. While this advice paper focuses on the process concerning the implementation and inspection of standards and regulations for residential services, the National Disability Authority advises that it is critical that the necessary systems and supports continue to be progressed to ensure that the Transforming Lives agenda is progressed so that people with disabilities can have 'ordinary lives in ordinary places'. The National Disability Authority recommends any investment in service improvement, arising from the HIQA findings, needs to be consistent with the new model agreed, rather than, shoring up the old, although the National Disability Authority recognises that there are urgent needs that have to be addressed in situ pending the move to a new model of service. This advice paper should be considered within the larger policy context of Transforming Lives Report and the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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