NDA survey to identify disability research completed in Ireland from 2006 to 2012

What type of research is eligible for inclusion?

Research topics

Include - research with an Irish focus, which has relevance to social inclusion and participation of people with disabilities
Exclude - clinical or biomedical research

Broadly speaking, the register is intended to cover social, economic, services and practice research (other than clinical practice) relating to people with disabilities

Examples of the kinds of research topics, where these specifically relate to people with disabilities, that would be eligible, include:

  • disability services and supports
  • employment
  • transport and mobility
  • education
  • Incomes, social welfare, poverty
  • health and health services
  • housing
  • accessibility of the built environment, services, information to people with disabilities
  • attitudes
  • social integration, community, equality
  • family and relationships
  • culture, leisure, sport
  • communications, technology, media
  • law and policy
  • systems and implementation
  • service delivery
  • independent living
  • Universal design. Assistive technology

This list is not exhaustive.

Type of research

Eligible research includes publicly available:

  • PhD theses and major Masters theses (research Masters)
  • Journal articles
  • Policy reports with a focus on disability, and including new data, research findings, policy analysis
  • Research reports and papers
  • Conference papers
  • Books and Book chapters

What type of research is not eligible?

Material which is to be excluded from the database includes:

  • Clinical or bio-medical
  • Undergraduate and taught/minor Masters dissertations
  • Annual reports, strategic plans, etc.
  • Any material whose major focus is not disability
  • Any material whose major focus is not the Republic of Ireland
  • Work in progress