Staff of the National Disability Authority

If you wish to contact a member of staff you can email them using the format: If you have a general enquiry, contact us at

Directors' Office

  • Director: Dr. Aideen Hartney
  • Governance & Compliance Officer: Mr. Stephen Patten

Policy, Research and Public Affairs

  • Head of Policy, Research & Public Affairs: Dr. Rosalyn Tamming
  • Senior Policy / Public Affairs Advisor: Mr. Edward Crean
  • Senior Policy / Public Affairs Advisor: Mr. Dharragh Hunt
  • Senior Policy / Public Affairs Advisor: Ciaran Finlay
  • Senior Policy / Public Affairs Advisor: Ms. Marion Wilkinson
  • Senior Research Officer: Dr. Chloe Walsh
  • Senior Research Officer (Data & Statistics): Dr. Lauren Kavanagh
  • Senior Research Officer: Dr. Carly Cheevers
  • Senior Research Officer: Dr. Damian Haslett (part-time)
  • Senior Research Officer: Dr. Caroline O’Nolan (part-time)
  • Senior Research Officer: Andrew Wormald
  • Policy & Public Affairs Advisor: Dr. Deirdre Nally
  • Policy & Public Affairs Advisor: April Parker
  • Research Officer: Ms. Cliona Doherty
  • Research Officer (Research & Data Analyst):
  • Executive Officer Communications: Ms. Damhnait O'Malley (part-time)
  • Executive Officer Communications: Ms. Cate Jennings (part-time)
  • Executive Officer: Ms. Heather O’Leary
  • Executive Officer:

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD) and Standards & Monitoring

  • Chief Officer, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD) and Standards & Monitoring: Dr. Gerald Craddock
  • Senior Built Environment Advisor: Ms. Ruth O'Reilly
  • Senior Design Advisor: Mr. James Hubbard
  • Senior ICT Advisor: Dr. Donal Fitzpatrick
  • Senior Standards & Monitoring Officer (WAD): Mr. Dónal Rice
  • Senior Standards & Monitoring Officer/Senior Policy Advisor: Ms. Niamh Fawl
  • Senior Standards & Monitoring Officer:
  • Standards & Monitoring Officer: Ms. Elizabeth O'Meara
  • Standards & Monitoring Officer: Ms. Fíonnadh McGonigle
  • Standards & Monitoring Officer (WAD): Mr. Ben Adamson
  • Stakeholder Engagement Manager (WAD):
  • Standards & Monitoring Executive Officer: Ms. Radwa Mostafa
  • Executive Officer (WAD): Ms. Jacinta Byrne
  • Executive Officer: Ms. Linda Rowan
  • Executive Officer:
  • Administrative Assistant/Library: Ms. Emma Doyle
  • Clerical Officer (WAD): Ms. Meghna Manu

Corporate Services

  • Head of Corporate Services:
  • Finance & Procurement Officer: Ms. Stacey Bellew
  • Executive Officer: Ms. Sylvia O'Reilly
  • Executive Officer: Ms. Claire McGann
  • Executive Officer: Ms. Tamar Keane
  • Executive Officer: Ms. Bevin Murphy
  • Administrative Assistant: Ms. Carmel Clarke (part-time)
  • Administrative Assistant: Ms. Toni McDonald (part-time)
  • Receptionist/Library: Ms. Martina McTiernan (part-time)