Career Guidance Literature Review and Policy Advice

The NDA produced a literature review on best practice in relation to career guidance to inform a policy advice paper to improve career guidance for secondary school students with disabilities.

In May 2022 we held a roundtable discussion with a number of education stakeholders to identify barriers and how to address them.

This was followed by a consultation process with young people with additional needs. The consultaion involved two parts and included a Disabled Persons Organisation and young people with intellectual disabilities who have recently completed their secondary education to get their views on the career guidance system.

A policy advice paper was subsequently developed and shared with the Department of Education.

Read the literature review here

Read the policy advice paper here

Submission to Department of Education Consultation

In 2018 we made a submission to the Department of Education and Skill’s consultation on their review of career guidance. We recommended the need to develop an effective model of career guidance for education system, including special education schools. It is important to ensure that guidance is connected to and informed by future skills need for the labour market, particularly given the varied career opportunities that are opening up in a changing market place.

The Department of Education published their Indecon Review of Career Guidance in early 2020. In our view this report did not adequately review good practice in relation to career guidance for students with additional needs.