Our Research Promotion Scheme helps us deliver high-quality research on disability in Ireland. This scheme runs every two years depending on the budget availability at the time.

The theme for the 2023/24 Research Promotion Scheme was ‘Disability in Marginalised Groups and Communities’.

This year, we awarded funding to the following two research projects:

  • Study 1. Dr Julie Broderick from Trinity College Dublin and her team will investigate the scale and impact of physical disability in people experiencing long term homelessness in Ireland. This relates to a couple of Articles in the UNCRPD including Article 9 (Accessibility) and Article 20 (Adequate standard of living and social protection).
  • Study 2. Professor Eilionóir Flynn from the University of Galway and her team will examine the barriers for disabled people with multiple marginalised identities in political candidature or in holding elected office. This directly relates to Article 29 of the UNCRPD (Participation in political and public life).

These projects will run for the next 12-18 months.

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