In 2020, the NDA submitted a comprehensive paper to the Law Reform Commission's consultation on its Issues Paper entitled 'A Regulatory Framework for Adult Safeguarding'. This Issues Paper was drafted in order to gather views on the possible content and structure of a regulatory framework. In its submission, the NDA made suggestions on the following topics:

  • Due regard to existing and pending legislation and policies, such as the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015, protection of liberty safeguards, HSE policies and HIQA and Mental Health Commission standards, as well as the UNCRPD
  • Consistency in language and message with existing legislation and policy
  • The body to be responsible for making enquiries and conducting investigations around safeguarding concerns
  • The options around creating a new independent agency or granting additional powers to an existing agency
  • Powers of entry and inspection
  • Reporting obligations
  • Independent advocacy
  • Multi-agency collaboration.

NDA Submission on a Regulatory Framework for Adult Safeguarding

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