The report looks at the use of resource allocations models in relation to their use for ‘case-mix’ and individualised funding / personalised budgets.

‘Case-mix’ is where a block of money goes to the provider based on their clients’ profiles, and it is up to the provider to balance resources across individuals.

Individualised funding or personalised budgets is where funding is allocated to the person with a disability based on their individual need.

However, the report has more to say on resource allocation for personalised budgets and less on ‘case-mix’ because there was more information available on personal budgets.

The report covers topics such as:

  • Who should conduct resource allocation assessments
  • The relationship between resource allocation calculations and the amounts of monies that should be provided and processes to deal with non-standard needs
  • The potential to use resource allocation data to improve health and social care services
  • Issues around the transparency of resource allocation processes
  • The scope of the resource allocation systems
  • The administration and governance of resource allocation models, including appeals processes
  • Resource allocation models and issues around the quality of services

Research into the implementation of Resource Allocation Models: SQW Report

Main Report (Word)_2017


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