National Wellbeing and Social Inclusion Survey Report

This report describes the findings from the National Wellbeing and Social Inclusion Survey.


How’s it Going? A Survey on Wellbeing and Social Inclusion – Report Launch and Consultation

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Participation Matters

In September 2022 Minister Rabbitte launched our new guidelines - 'Participation Matters: Guidelines on implementing the obligation to meaningfully engage with disabled people in public decision making'.

  • The guidelines were informed by extensive consultation with Disabled Persons Organisations and other stakeholders

  • The guidelines are a practical resource to support officials to take a universal design approach to all public consultation and participation processes

  • The guidelines are available in multiple formats including Easy-to-Read and Irish Sign Language

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Our Use of Language

Throughout this website the terms “persons with disabilities” and “disabled people” are used interchangeably. The term ‘disabled people’ is recognised by many within the disability rights movement in Ireland to align with the social and human rights model of disability, as it is considered to acknowledge the fact that people with an impairment are disabled by barriers in the environment and society. However, we also recognise that others prefer the term “persons with disabilities” because of the inherent understanding in the term that they are first and foremost human beings entitled to human rights. This reflects the language used in the UNCRPD. Finally, we recognise that some people do not identify as being disabled.

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Thu 2 Feb 2023

Ireland will report to the UN this year on how well it’s meeting the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.…

Tue 31 Jan 2023

Results of the survey indicate poorer outcomes for disabled people with regard to wellbeing and social inclusion. Y…

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