National Disability Authority autism guidance for local authority housing officers, justice professionals and line managers/HR professionals

Assisting People with Autism: Guidance for Justice Professionals in communicating with people with autism

June 2018

This short, practical guide was developed in consultation with a range of stakeholders as it was recognised that there was a need for guidance to support understanding of autism in the justice sector. The guide provides background information about autism spectrum disorders and aims to assist those working in the civil and criminal justice system, on how to communicate with and support people who have autism. This includes public service officials such as An Garda Síochána, the Courts Service, the judiciary, the Prison Service, the Probation Service and members of the legal profession such as solicitors and barristers.

Assisting People with Autism: Guidance for Local Authority Housing Officers

June 2018

This guide provides background information about autism and aims to assist those working in the housing-related areas of local authorities to understand autism in order to best support people who may be applying for housing, and in considering their housing needs. The guidance aims to be a useful and practical resource for housing officers who may come into contact with people with autism and/or their families applying for social housing or for any of the various grants available through local authorities.

Assisting People with Autism in Employment – Guidance for Line Managers and HR Professionals

June 2018

The purpose of this guide is to assist those who are working as line managers, or in a HR role, to better understand autism and to effectively recruit, work with and support staff with Autism in the workplace.  Autism can be described as a hidden disability and line managers or colleagues may not have awareness of the condition itself or the supports that may be required. This guide will assist line managers and HR professionals in ensuring that staff with disabilities, including autism, are supported to deliver on the objectives of their role.

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