Advice to the Minister on Disability and COVID-19

In April 2020 we submitted advice to the Minister for Health and the Minister of State with special responsibility for Disability Issues on the impact of Covid-19 on persons with disabilities.

NDA Submissions to the Oireachtas Special Committee on COVID-19

The NDA made two submissions relating to COVID-19 and disability in response to a request from the Oireachtas Special Committee on COVID-19 ahead of its meeting in July 2020.

The first submission was on the impact of COVID-19 on persons with disabilities and the disability sector. We highlighted the high numbers of COVID-19 clusters in residential care facilities, and high rates of mortality in some centres, particularly nursing homes. We also highlighted how persons with disabilities have been adversely affected by the closure of schools, the temporary suspension of services, such as respite, and the reduction of others, such as home support and adult day services.

The second submission was on the impact of COVID-19 on non-COVID-19 healthcare. We highlighted the impact of the pandemic on the capacity of the healthcare system to deliver health and social care services. The reduction or suspension of some health and social care services such as dental, mental health, therapies, health screening, respite, adult day services and home support services may have had a disproportionate impact on persons with disabilities, in particular where they have greater health needs than the general population.

Lockdowns Unlock Innovations Report

This report called 'Lockdowns Unlock Innovations: Review of innovations and adaptations affecting persons with disabilities arising from COVID-19 restrictions' was developed during 2021.

The report aimed to capture the innovations and changed practices relating to disability services and supports that resulted from the widespread and unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19.

This report points, in particular, to new practices which may endure post COVID-19. It is hoped that this report will help to embed recent learning and innovation, and may even inspire further innovation.

The following video is of the webinar that accompanied the launch of the report.

Summary of the Consultation ‘Building Back Better Post COVID-19’

The theme of our 2021 annual listening session was ‘Building Back Better Post COVID-19’.

During this virtual event we heard directly from persons with disabilities and their representative organisations on the impact of the pandemic. Areas covered included education, employment, daily living and innovations and developments that could be adopted in the post-pandemic world in order to achieve better outcomes for persons with disabilities. This included the use of technology.