Review of HIQA Standards and Regulations

The Review of the implementation of regulation and inspections in residential services for adults and children with disabilities was published in a number of formats including Easy to Read and Plain English.

A separate report was prepared, also in Easy to Read and Plain English on the Residents view of the HIQA inspections.

A Policy Advice paper was developed in 2016 and shared with the Department of health. The advice paper developed with a view to:

  • Guiding improvements in the HIQA process of inspections of residential services for adults and children with disabilities
  • Reviewing current legislation and regulations to have a more robust and effective regulatory system aligned with national policy and standards that maximises the opportunities for people with disabilities to “live ordinary lives in ordinary places” of their choosing
  • Bringing about the changes in leadership, culture and practice that transforms residential service delivery and is essential to upholding and facilitating individuals with disabilities to exercise their human rights
  • Informing a better coordinated and coherent approach to providing quality residential services for children and adults with disabilities