We have published our Annual Report for the year ending 31 December 2022. The annual report presents an overview of our activities and outputs during the first year of our three-year Strategic Plan 2022-2024.

Our Strategic Plan articulates the ambitions and goals of the organisation for 2022-2024 under five high-level priorities:

  • Deliver independent evidence-informed advice and guidance, and support policy coordination, to advance implementation of national strategies and policies, as well as realisation of the goals of UNCRPD
  • Deliver independent assessment, monitoring and evaluation of progress against policies, strategies and codes of practice across government
  • Advance activities to promote awareness and wider take-up of Universal Design across Ireland
  • Foster strong and open processes for engaging and consulting with persons with disabilities and the wider disability community
  • Maintain and enhance organisational effectiveness

The NDA developed its work-plan for 2022 in alignment with these priorities and informed by consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including Disabled Persons’ Organisations, and also by the broader policy context in Ireland during the year.

Summary of the key outputs during 2022

Key outputs during 2022 include

  • Publication of the Participation Matters Guidelines
  • Literature review on effective career guidance for learners with disabilities
  • Annual assessment of progress under NDIS for 2021
  • Annual assessment of progress under CES for 2021
  • Publication of research paper on approaches to maximising social inclusion and participation for disabled people
  • Publication of five papers on UNCRPD Articles
  • Annual Conference on UNCRPD Article 9
  • Annual Listening event with disabled people and DPOs on social participation
  • Launch of eLearning CPD module for Architects
  • Completion of a literature review on collaborative research
  • Launch of Universal Design Guidance for the retrofit of residential long-term care settings
  • Monitoring reports submitted and published in relation to EU Web Accessibility Directive and Part 5 of Disability Act

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