On 4th May 2022, the National Disability Authority (NDA) hosted a virtual listening session to hear directly from persons with disabilities and their representative organisations on the theme of ‘Improving participation and inclusion through creating liveable communities’. The aim of the session was to listen to the lived experience of participation and inclusion and the suggestions of disabled people on how to make communities more inclusive and liveable.

The learning from the session will inform NDA advice and information to the Minister, department officials and the wider public sector. The listening sessions are also an opportunity for disabled people and DPOs to hear from each other.

In the summary of the session, the views of persons with disabilities as voiced in the consultation are grouped into the categories of attitudes and community participation and inclusion, prioritising the participation of disabled people and DPOs, joined up thinking to improve personal supports and public services and accessibility and Universal Design.

Summary of Listening Session: Improving Participation and Inclusion Through Creating Liveable Communities

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