Frequently Asked Questions: European Disability Card

Frequently Asked Questions: European Disability Card

The European Disability Card will complement national disability cards or certificates, which will continue to be awarded by national authorities, based on their own criteria, unless a Member State decides to merge their national card or certificate with the European Disability Card.

The European Disability Card does not attempt to harmonise disability assessments across the EU and does not affect a Member States' competence to determine the criteria for recognising ‘disability status’.

Rather, it seeks to ensure the mutual recognition of disability status to holders of a European Disability Card. This will allow residents in an EU Member State in possession of a European Disability Card to avail of the same preferential treatment or special conditions (in certain areas) offered to nationals in another EU Member State that hold a European Disability Card when they are visiting during a short-term stay.

The proposal for the European Disability Card delivers on a commitment made by the European Commission in the EU’s Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030.

Frequently Asked Questions: European Disability Card



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