This 2005 report was produced through a collaboration between the National Disability Authority, The Dental Health Foundation and the Trinity College Dublin School of Dental Science.

This document provides a series of recommendations aimed at changing the ad-hoc and unsatisfactory oral health care system for people with disabilities at that time.

It identifies ways forward in enhancing the oral health of people with disabilities through the development of inclusive, accessible and holistic service provision, appropriate education and training of the oral health team, targeted methods of service delivery, research and audit. The approach advocated is person-centred and the leadership of people with disabilities is promoted.

Oral health is central to the health and well being of people with disabilities. Investing in oral health should not only be calculated in monetary terms but also considered as an investment in empowering individuals through increased self-esteem, supporting communication, nutrition and improving quality of life.

Oral Health and Disability: The Way Forward

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