Feasibility Study: Phase 1

We conducted a Resource Allocation Feasibility Study (Phase 1) to examine the appropriateness of two different resource allocation assessment systems, AAIDD’s Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) system and In Control’s RAS 5 system for application as a resource allocation system for disability services in Ireland. The report was published in 2013.

Feasibility Study: Phase 2

We received a formal request from the Department of Health, following discussions with the HSE, to widen the original consideration of assessment systems to include another two – InterRAI and FACE. These assessment systems were included in the Resource Allocation Feasibility Study (Phase 2). The report was published in 2014.

Advice Paper

In 2015 we prepared an Advice Paper based on the learning from the literature and from both phases of the Feasibility Studies. This report was presented to the Department of Health and the HSE in April 2015, and has been used to inform deliberations on selection of a single resource allocation tool for disability services in Ireland, a decision on which is pending.

Resource Allocation Feasibility Study: Phase1 Executive Summary

Executive Summary (Word) 2013


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Resource Allocation Feasibility Study: Phase1 Main Report

Main Report (Word) 2013


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Resource Allocation Feasibility Study: Phase2 Main Report

Main Report (Word) 2014


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NDA Advice paper: NDA assessment of four systems of resource allocation

Main Report (Word) 2015


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